Sinister C1 Corvette Takes a Walk on the Dark Side

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C1 Corvette

Restomod builds often just don’t look right. But this amazing C1 Corvette is absolute rolling perfection.

Even in today’s restomod-crazed world, you rarely see any ’53 or ’54 Corvettes receive the treatment. Probably because these early models aren’t exactly common, or cheap. But these sorts of things don’t matter to Timeless Kustoms, a high-end shop located in Camarillo, California. Building incredibly cool, modernized classic cars is their forte. So re-imagining an early C1 Corvette was the next logical step for them.

And it’s safe to say they accomplished that mission. This blacked-out 1954 C1 Corvette, which they’ve appropriately dubbed “Death Star,” is both a beauty and a brute. But the real story here is the car’s simplicity. The interior, adorned with blue leather, is even more spartan than the original. There’s no badging or trim on the exterior, either. And it all adds up to one incredibly clean, incredibly modern look.

C1 Corvette

As you might imagine, the theme of modern simplicity carries on underneath. There you’ll find an Art Morrison spaceframe chassis, massive disc brakes, and of course, fresh rolling stock. Power comes in throes thanks to a C6 ZR1 LS9, which produces 638 supercharged horsepower. The crew at Timeless Kustoms claims that the Death Star weighs a mere 2,100 pounds, so that’s probably enough.

C1 Corvette

The real magic of this C1 Corvette is that it isn’t your typical restomod. You won’t find anything here that looks out of place or mismatched. Clearly, the Death Star is the result of some masterful artists who truly know what they’re doing. Taking something old and making it look like something that an automaker might build today is no small feat, after all. But in the case of this ’54, they pulled it off to absolute perfection.

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