SinisTTer C6 Corvette Hits 203.06 at Georgia 1/2 Mile Shootout

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SinisTTer C6

I actually have no idea how I missed the clip below because it’s one impressive piece that shows why the C6 has so many fans.

The footage, which was first released in January, shows a twin-turbo C6 – built by Vengeance Racing and called the “SinisTTer C6” – reaching 203.06 mph after a few preliminary runs at the 1/2 Mile Shootout in Georgia.

Folks, just wait until you hear this thing roaring down the straightaway. The following video gives you a good view of the action from both inside and outside of the car.

The fastest run earns Mike Bramati, who owns the SinisTTer C6, the Fastest RWD award at the event at Heaven’s Landing, which I hear is no easy feat.

My apologies to Mike for missing this earlier because it certainly is deserving of coverage here on Corvette Forum.

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