So Long C5 Corvette: Small Town Fire, Big Time Loss

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The loss of any Corvette is upsetting, but it’s especially hard when a prime-for-hot-rodding, Navy Blue Metallic C5 Corvette convertible goes up in flames. Let’s offer our condolences with a moment of silence for this piece of American machinery, now ready to be parted for what’s left of its race-bred internals.

Recently, firefighters of Cullman, Alabama were alerted by a 911 call from Sara Gourley about a raging car fire. When Cullman Fire Rescue teams arrived at the scene, they found this very hot C5 spitting flames from the passenger side of the firewall. A local news team caught photos of the fire team squashing the flames out quickly.


Fortunately, local emergency medical services said that nobody was injured in the fire. No word of how it started, but from a quick glance, my guess is that it was most likely a cigarette (or maybe a Samsung phone) setting it ablaze in cabin. Looking at the carnage, it’s easy to see this Corvette convertible is completely toast — undrivable and totaled, it has now become merely a parts car.

Often I have thoughts about how many of our modern muscle and sports cars will be left for future generations. Sad to see events like this happen to people who adore their cars. How many C5 Corvettes will be left for our children?

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Via [CullmanToday]

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