The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah Gauges ’80s Appeal of a ’91 Corvette

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You have to know that handing your car keys over to The Smoking Tire‘s Matt Farah is going to yield some pretty darn interesting comments.

Farah, who is pretty popular in automotive circles, is not known for mincing his words, regardless of what or whose car he’s driving, be it old or new.

Take for example, the “One Take” video below featuring Farah taking a modified C4 for a spin with the owner riding shotgun. Farah thinks the ‘Vette holds up to the nostalgia of the eighties, even though it’s a ’91. Here’s a quick take on how Farah explains the eighties comparison.

C4 interior

“Even though this is a ’91, this is a super eighties car. These buttons are so full of eighties futuristic optimism. I feel like these buttons could be from the forties. It’s such an old technology,” says Farah as he gets settled in for the test drive.

The Smoking Tire host also offers a quick apology for the poor sound quality in the video, explaining that the car is simply way too hot inside to drive without the windows down because of its broken air conditioner. Farah then goes on to ripping into a few other features in the C4, which he says gives the car an eighties feel.

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