The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah Fawns Over C6 Corvette Z06

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There’s certainly no need to convince folks here of why the C6 Z06 is such a great car. But don’t you still like hearing all the accolades anyway?

Matt Farah, host of The Smoking Tire, gives us a few more reasons to love the car. He recently took one out during an episode of the gang’s “One Take” feature, where the owner of a car hands over the keys, then sits shotgun while Farah puts it through the paces.

In the clip below, Farah takes the wheel of a 2007 C6 Z06 with a few mods, including a custom head and cams that puts out 500-plus rear-wheel horsepower. But the info on the car that Farah seems most impressed with is how much the owner, Brad, paid for the Z06, which had just under 50,000 miles when he bought it for $37,000.

Farah also talks about how, after driving a C7 Z06 on the track for five laps, he had to stop and let the car cool off. Which makes you wonder if he’s insinuating that a used C6 Z06 might be a better buy than the C7 model?

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