Someone Drills Hole in Garage to Get to Man’s C7 Corvette

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2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Either this story is really fishy or some of the C7 parts are far more coveted than I ever imagined.

And I’m not talking about those optional split spoke chrome aluminum wheels here, folks. No, this is much more covert than that.

A man in Flint, Michigan claims that someone wanted to get at his 2014 Corvette so bad that they drilled a hole in an adjoining garage to get to the car, according to an report. But instead of actually taking the Corvette, they took the car cover, the right rear view mirror, and a panel from inside the vehicle.

Oh, and maybe the battery.

Notice I said maybe, because unless the reporter is a little fuzzy herself, it doesn’t seem that the Flint man knows exactly what was taken from under the hood. Well, at least not when he talked to the press. All of which is uh, odd, because I’m thinking, wouldn’t you know if the battery was taken?

The man also said there were some other missing items and some scratches on his Corvette with total damages estimated at $5,000.

Hmm, does that really add up?

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