Special Edition C7.R Completely Demolished

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That pretty much sums up the feeling you get watching this demolished special edition Z06 C7.R being tossed around in the video below, posted by Jordan Lee. That said, can you imagine the look on the owner’s face who dropped the car off to have the windows tinted after purchasing the car earlier that morning?

The write-up for the video clip doesn’t provide any specific details on exactly what happened to the car. But I imagine it’s a pretty safe bet that with only 650 of the C7.Rs produced worldwide, this owner was not a happy camper.

The bigger question for all involved, however, is how do you even begin to assess the true liability associated with a car completely totaled like a limited-edition Z06 C7.R? Although, I imagine no resolution is really going to sit well with the owner.

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Photo [Houston Underground Races]

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