SPIED! C8 Zora Emerges Yet Again For More Testing

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Every single day, we get closer to the mid-engine C8 Zora.

For a long while now, we’ve seen testing going on regarding the rumored mid-engine Corvette. Prototypes have been spied running in California and Colorado, and new details are beginning to show through the camouflage. Last week, a Chevrolet dealer let slip that GM executives showed a couple images of the Ferrari-fighter, and fully-admitted to its existence in the future-product pipeline.

With this latest set of spy shots, two have been seen testing in various conditions, with one seeming rather clean, and the other covered in quite a lot of road grime. As well, the clean one has what appears to be a light grey/tan trim, and the grimey one appears to be equipped with a black interior.

Overall, these may look the same from the spy shots uncovered in January, but there are subtle, interesting differences. If you take a look at the back of these two C8 Zora prototypes, you’ll see they have a smooth tail, quite unlike the winter testing car which appeared to have a Z07 aero package style spoiler. As well, with the cleaner car, you can make out high performance brake discs with sickle shape slots instead of solid rotors which are on the dirty prototype.


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Camo on the front and rear of the car — and covering the engine bay — has remained mostly unchanged so the final details of the styling are still a bit murky. Coincidentally, on April 9th, GM released the newly redesigned Camaro, which could be an indicator as to what the front of this C8 could end up looking like. As for things around back, that’s up in the air, but there does appear to be a bit of C7 influence in the way the tail lights run downward as they approach the edges of the car’s width. Tail pipes seem to be the same as well, suggesting the forward propulsion has been solidified. But we already know it won’t be Cadillac’s new engine.

Soon enough, the body camo will be removed, and we’ll see it in all of its glory.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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