How-To Spotlight: Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins

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Recalls Happen, and the Sixth-Generation Corvette Has Had a Few of Its Own

As much as the vast majority of us would like to believe it, the Corvette is not perfect. Setting aside all of the personal opinions on the car, there have been a few recalls. This week’s How-To Spotlight casts some potentially unwanted light, but also some important truths about the C6 Corvette.

Recalls and technical bulletins really aren’t meant to cast the car in a negative light. Obviously it’s easy to look at them that way. And it’s safe to say that General Motors and Chevrolet are not fans of this type of news. That said, the primary reason behind recalls and technical bulletins is generally to protect the consumer’s best interests. And you¬†would assume that all recalls and technical bulletins are legitimate. Meaning that someone out there isn’t just making up issues, just for grins.

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This week’s spotlight article¬†goes into some detail on a few of the more highlighted challenges that the 2005 through 2013 Corvette faced. One of the more serious issues that the car ran into is a problem with the headlamps, specifically failure of the low-beam headlamp. Another one is the sRoof hatch separating while driving. And there’s a loose steering column issue that can cause handling failure. That’s just to name a few of the major issues reported in the NHTSA recalls.

Thankfully though, the Corvette is considered a fairly low-risk car in the category of recalls and service bulletins. We all know the good people of Bowling Green do their best each and every day to put out an amazing product. But if you’re driving around a C6, it could be a good idea to check out the article, and see if your car is due for a bit of a free checkup, if the work hasn’t already been done.

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