How-To Spotlight: Repair Your Rear Hatch Button

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Corvette Rear Hatch Button

Is the Bane of Your Existence Getting the C6 Corvette’s Back Hatch to Open? Time to Fix That Button Problem

Sometimes the most mundane of items are the things that set us off the quickest. Generally speaking, those same issues can often be easily rectified. This week’s How-To article is all about gaining access to the back storage area of your C6 coupe. With the Corvette unlocked and without the key fob, you should be able to press a button and open the back hatch. But what if said button is not working?

This particular issue, or one very similar to it, has been popping up essentially since the inception of the C4 Corvette, in one way or another. For example, on the C4 convertible, there are two different top release buttons on the door jams. You pull the lever to manually release the back of the top, and then you have to flip one of the buttons in order to release the deck lid. Sometimes the buttons work, sometimes they are not in a hurry to allow you to drop the top.

Rear Hatch Button

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In first the picture with the license plate above, directly above the U in Massachusetts, is the button that gives a lot of C6 coupe drivers fits. For one reason or another, there may be a situation where the button is not working. Before going out and dropping cash at a stealership, though, why not try a few tips from this week’s How-To article? You can not only save yourself some money, but also start yourself on a path to more DIY items on your Corvette.

Take a read through this week’s article here. This repair is one of the easier home-based remedies out there. Hopefully your C6 isn’t acting up, but if so, you’ve found the right place. Let us know how it goes!

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