Spotted: C4 Corvette is the Perfect ’80s ‘Rad’-mobile

By - Radwood Rad C4 Corvette Spotted

This C4 Corvette is the epitome of the ‘Radwood’ revolution.

When it comes to all things cool in the 1980s, no word better encapsulates the feeling than “rad.” In fact, that’s why events like Radwood exist: to celebrate that culture and the aesthetic and feelings associated with it. That brings us to today, when we were surfing through the Radwood Facebook page and found this rad C4.

According to the Facebook post, this white-and-blue love letter to the 1980s was repossessed. That’s very sad. Although, we wonder why anyone would get a loan on a 30-year-old anycar, let alone a 30-year-old Corvette? We say this because C4 prices are extremely affordable right now.

That said, the loan defaultee clearly was someone who valued good taste — a sophisticate, if you will. How else can you explain the matching white and blue interior? Oh man, those seats are too good to be bad, if you catch our drift.

Expect to find this white and blue two-tone C4 on the Southern California auction block circuit very soon. From the looks of the comments on the Facebook post, the bidding is going to be intense.

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