Darth Vader Drives a C5

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Let me start this off by saying I’m a longtime fan of the movie Star Wars. Most of my Halloween costumes growing up had me playing out some role in my parents’ basement where I save the planet from would-be attackers from the Death Star. So, when I heard that Hot Wheels was building a ride for Darth Vader on a Corvette platform, I felt like a kid being left the keys to the candy store.

Hell, whether you’re 12 or 62, who cares if the whole thing is fantasy as long as you keep it all in perspective?

The car, designed by Hot Wheels, will be unveiled this week at the annual San Diego Comic-Con, according to a Road & Track report, where some of the wildest fantasy stuff in the world of comics comes to life.


The life-size vehicle, which was built on a C5 chassis, is modeled after a Mattel toy of the same likeness due out in October as Disney revs up for next year’s release of Star Wars: VII. The car features details lifted straight from the movie franchise like lightsaber side pipes and breathing sounds that mimic the ones Darth Vader has become famous for.

It reportedly has a top speed of 80 mph (hot damn, that’s blazing!), but as a one-off, any thoughts of driving it will have to be played out in my fantasies as well.

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