Stellar Red on Red 19k Mile C4 Corvette is the One

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C4 Corvette

It might not be fast, rare, or even sport fantastic build quality. But the C4 Corvette is an important slice of history!

Despite its historical significance, the C4 Corvette just doesn’t get much love these days. Underpowered and underwhelming, it was your typical ’80s ride. But it was a styling revolution, a real tour de force in its time. And for that reason alone, we think the C4 Corvette is worth celebrating. So when we spotted this incredible, 19k mile example on Craigslist, we knew it was the one.

As in, if you’re going to have a C4 Corvette in your collection, this is the one to have. For starters, it’s red on red. Despite this generation’s notoriously poor interior quality, the threads here have obviously seen little wear. The seller claims to have maintained the car meticulously, and it sure shows. In fact, they admit they planned to keep it forever. If nothing else, they deserve major kudos for giving this old ‘Vette proper care, despite rarely ever driving it.

C4 Corvette

To top it off, this thing is going for the dirt cheap price of $9,500. Which is further testament to just how incredibly affordable C4 Corvettes have become. It’s no wonder people love to buy these things and turn them into autocross racers or track toys. But we sure wouldn’t want to yank the engine out of this thing in favor of a modern LS. Or weld a roll cage in that immaculate interior. It’s just too nice to mess with!

C4 Corvette

Hate on the C4 Corvette all you want, but there’s no denying the cool factor of this one. The only strike we can find is the automatic transmission, which is admittedly a big buzz kill. But you don’t buy a well-maintained classic like this to win stoplight races, of course. You buy it to cruise and show off. And you won’t find a better C4 to do that in than this one!

C4 Corvette

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