Steven Tyler Buys First Hennessy Venom GT Spyder

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Marcus Slater
Corvette Forum
Steven Tyler is famous for a several reasons: He’s the front man of Aerosmith, he’s a judge on American idol, and now, he’s the first owner of a Hennessy Venom GT Spyder. A really, considering how flashy Steven is, there’s probably not a better fitting car for the guy.
The real attraction here is the car. Under the hood beats the heart of a ZR1, albeit with two turbos force feeding the V8 lump instead of a supercharger. The result is a lunatic 1,244 horsepower in a car that weighs about 2,700. For reference, that’s about as heavy as the new Subaru BRZ. With that beautiful power-to-weight ratio the Venom gets from 0-200mph in about 16 seconds. 0-60 is dispatched in 2.9 Yikes.
This Corvette powered super Lotus costs a cool $1.1 million. That’s a lot, but it’s also one of the fastest cars in the world. Theoretically, it’s top speed is north of 270mph. That’s faster than the Veyron, the SSC Ultimate Aero, and maybe even the Veron Super Sport. We’ll have to wait to see the top-speed runs when it goes to the track, but with number like those above, it has certainly has a chance. Just… Make sure that Steven isn’t driving. 
Will Steven Tyler survive the 1,244 hp Venom? Let us know what you think in the forums!

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