Are You a Member of the Corvette’s Flying Roof Club?

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C7  Roof

While I know some folks will probably find this funny, it’s really no laughing matter. Seeing the roof fly off a car, as was the case with the Camaro featured in the video below, can be quite dangerous.

Flying Roof Corvette

So doesn’t it raise the question – why hasn’t Chevy added a warning light to indicate whether the Corvette’s removable roof is properly latched?

It’s certainly a question some Corvette Forum members are wondering, as noted in this thread titled “Will C7 Owners Be Members of the Flying Roof Club?

It seems like it’d be a pretty simple and inexpensive safety feature to add. I’m sure to some it might seem like a small thing, given how easy it is to check to make sure that top is secured. But in a car as high-tech as the C7, doesn’t that small safety feature make sense?

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