Stingray Convertible Price: “Around 60K”

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Corvette Convertible Price Revealed on ABC's 'LIVE with Kelly and Michael'

by Rick Tavel 
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Dispelling the recent rumors that the new C7 Corvette Stingray’s starting price will be approaching or topping $70K, Alan Taylor, automotive journalist and TV personality, said the new Corvette Convertible will retail for about $60K. During a segment on ABC’s popular morning TV show,”LIVE with Kelly and Michael,” Taylor introduced and literally uncovered several of the new cars being displayed and unveiled at the New York Auto Show this week.

On Tuesday’s show “performance” models were the topic where the new Corvette convertible was the last performance car shown during his short segment. The beautiful C7 convertible was shown along with the new Camaro SS, Jaguar F-type, and the VW Golf GTI. When Michael Strahan, former New York Giant defensive end and now the co-host of the show, asked Taylor how much the new Corvette convertible will sell for, Taylor told the viewers that the convertible will sell for just about $60K. Taylor’s reply about the convertible’s pricing would seem to be more in line with an “under $60K” price alluded to in previous unveilings.

The Corvette Convertible shown on the TV show may have been the same car unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show a few weeks ago since it appeared in the same color combination. At the end of Tuesday’s show Strahan and his guest co-host Kristin Chenoweth got to drive away in the sleek new Cyber Gray convertible. Alan Taylor is the host of a three hour TV show, “The DRIVE with Alan Taylor,” a three hour TV show which is centered around the latest automotive news, automobile test drives, and industry automotive experts.

If reviving Corvette sales and attracting younger buyers is truly one of the C7’s missions then it would seem illogical to bump the staring price by over $15K as rumored recently. Corvette sales have averaged between 12,500 and 14,000 for each of the last three model years which is about half of the annual sales in the years following the C6 introduction.

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