Stolen Dream Cruise ’78 Corvette Found Sans Engine and Wheels

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Stolen Cruise Vette

It seems that the annual Woodward Dream Cruise, which takes place on the outskirts of Detroit, is becoming a popular spot for not just car fans, but also car thieves.

For the second year in a row, someone’s car was stolen during the event while parked for the festivities. The latest victim is Kelly Robinson, the owner of a 1978 Corvette. The car was eventually found in Detroit after a civilian spotted the abandoned vehicle, but the engine and wheels were missing, according to FOX 2 news report.

We can only imagine that the entire ordeal has been extremely stressful for Robinson. “This was my car for 16 years,” she told the local Detroit news source. “I bought this car when I was struggling in my early 20s and said I want a Corvette, I’m going to buy a Corvette. All my family has Corvettes, it’s my turn now.”

Here’s hoping that Ms. Robinson gets her baby back up and running soon.

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Via [FOX 2]

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