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New Padlock, Receiver, Other Locks Open with Vehicle Key

VEGAS (Nov. 2, 2010) — SEMA 2010 will mark the launch of an expanded
BOLT Series of locks, all of which can be set to open with a vehicle
key. The BOLT (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology) technology debuted
by STRATTEC Security Corp. at the 2009 SEMA show, winning the Light
Truck Accessory Alliance “Best Engineered New Product” award as well as
two Global Media Awards.  Now BOLT technology will be available in a
complete line of products, including two receiver lock models, a cable
lock, a spare tire lock and a motorcycle wheel lock.

BOLT locks have a patented, automotive-style cylinder that allows a user
to insert their car or truck key, turn once, and set the lock to their
key. Any number of locks in the series can be set to one key. Thus, a
BOLT lock owner can use one key ? their car key ? to lock their toolbox,
trailer hitch, storage shed, gate, rod or gun locker?and so on. 
Convenience isn’t the BOLT locks? only benefit, however. All BOLT Series
locks feature an automotive-grade shutter and rugged jacket which make
them corrosion resistant and six plate tumblers to prevent picking and

The BOLT Series locks fit over 70 percent of all Ford, GM and Chrysler
vehicles, making them compatible with over 100 million vehicles,
including nearly 90 percent of all light trucks on the road. BOLT
receiver locks are designed for use with trailers carrying boats, autos,
ATVs as well as other hitch-mounted accessories.  They come in 5/8-inch
and 1/2-inch diameters, for Class I-IV truck hitches.

BOLT locks are currently available online at and at select retailers.

STRATTEC Security Corp. is the world’s largest manufacturer of
automotive locks and keys, and supplies ignition locks and keys to all
three U.S. automakers. For more information about the BOLT Series of
locks, visit

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