To Stripe or Not to Stripe, That Is the Corvette Question

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Yes, it’s once again time to help out a fellow Corvette Forum member with a decision about his car.

In a thread entitled “Stripes on a coupe: douchy or ok?”, FixItFlyIt says he has a stock C6 but he wants to add a little visual flair to it. He really likes the look of stripes, but he is worried that if he adds them, people will think he is a bit like this guy. So FixItFlyIt decided to reach out and ask how we all felt about it.

We have resorted to our favorite, super scientific method of adding the poll below to see what you guys think. His car is red, so for the sake of making things easier, I am limiting color options to white stripes or black, and I will be including a few options of stripes as well.

We aren’t just going to tell FixItFlyIt if stripes are cool or not, we are going to tell him what stripes he should get. Because Corvette Forum is helpful like that. You can pick TWO (2) answers for this poll. So if you like stripes, pick one answer for color and one answer for type. I you think he should do anything he wants, or if you think stripes are terrible, I have answers there for you too.

Gentleman, start your polling!

Are Stripes On A Corvette Cool?

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