Stunning C1 Corvette Is a Real Standout

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C1 Corvette

Even in a herd of special cars, this turquoise C1 Corvette owned by a prominent collector is still our favorite!

Few vehicles in the history of vehicles were/are as special as the C1 Corvette. When Chevy’s fiberglass sports car dropped back in 1953, it was a true revelation. And even though it didn’t exactly have the smoothest debut, GM stuck by their now-legendary car. The rest, as they say, is history. Fast-forward 60+ years, and there still aren’t too many cars more stunningly beautiful than any C1 Corvette.

C1 Corvette

Take this 1958 we spotted over at Barrett-Jackson, for example. Following a two-year redesign, this is the model year that introduced quad headlamps, and even more chrome to a car that already had plenty. Such was the style of the day, and the 1958 Corvette had style in throes. Throw on one of our favorite Corvette colors of all time, turquoise, and you’ve got a real winner.

This particular C1 Corvette is truly a stunning car to look at, but it’s also a mover. Under the hood you’ll find a dual-quad 283 producing 245 hp, with a 4-speed transmission to bang through the gears. The engine bay, like the rest of the car, is absolutely stunning. You won’t find any flaws to speak of anywhere, no matter where you look.

But we guess that’s to be expected given the car’s history. This particular C1 Corvette is part of the John Staluppi Cars of Dreams Collection, a conglomerate of over 140 amazing rides. Staluppi, a philanthropist and entrepreneur, has always had an eye for the very best American automobiles. Even better, he’s used his wealth and love of cars to donate millions to charity over the years. Including his purchase of the very first 2018 Corvette Carbon 65 Edition, which netted $1.4 million for the Military Service Initiative.

Despite his collection’s amazing pedigree, we must say, this ’58 is still our favorite. Because there’s just something about a turquoise C1 we can’t deny!

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