Sullivan County NY’s Black and White DARE Corvette

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Sullivan County NY's Black and White DARE Corvette
The DARE Black and White by Catskills Photography, on Flickr

A 1998 Corvette has gone from being a devil to an angel.

The car once belonged to a notorious drug dealer named Bradley Dunham in Sullivan County in the Catskills. Back in the day, he would park it across the street from the Livingston Manor school on weekends to peddle his crack cocaine.

Well, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office caught up with Dunham and confiscated his pretty little sports car, and now the Corvette is getting a new lease on life as the department’s DARE vehicle.
And it needed no introduction to many of the students.

?The instant they parked it here, they knew who it was, who the drug dealer was,? said Sgt. Luis Alvarez, a DARE officer who teaches fifth graders about the dangers of drugs.

The sheriff’s department plans to use the car as an ongoing part of its DARE program, so it will now be an effective tool to show kids what happens when they get on the wrong side of the law.

?Bradley Dunham made some poor decisions,? Sheriff Mike Schiff told the students. ?He had a Corvette and now the sheriff’s department is driving it.?

The top picture, by the way, was taken by Catskills Photography, and you just might say it shows the perils of drug abuse in black and white!

Sullivan County NY's Black and White DARE Corvette

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