Sunfire Yellow C2 Corvette Convertible is the Perfect Summer Cruiser

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All you need is two seats, three pedals, and no roof to have some fun in the sun.

Is there anything more summery than a Sunfire Yellow C2 convertible? If there is, we’re at a loss. Maybe it’s because we’re distracted by this beauty we found for sale on Hemmings.

This 1966 Corvette convertible has seen a lot of summers. With 109,000 miles on the clock, it seems like it’s been able to enjoy them all to their fullest.

More impressively, it’s numbers-matching engine is still in place, although we’d wager that at least one rebuild has been carried out over the car’s lifetime. That engine, in this case, is a 300 horsepower 327 small block V8, backed up by a four-speed manual transmission.

Many of the car’s components are original. While the ad calls the car a “survivor,” we think that a repaint precludes the car from that title. At some point, this Corvette was resprayed in its original color, and the work looks to be of good quality.

While we love the color, it really is the details that make this car “just right” to us. There’s a Goldilocks joke in there somewhere.

The side pipes, white stripe tires, and knockoff spinners are small details that really add to this Corvette’s overall appearance. We also like the skinny wood-rimmed steering wheel. It’s not that the car would look bad without these features. They just ad a certain something to the car’s look and attitude.

Another cool feature is that the factory radio was updated with an auxiliary input. The interior still looks original, but now you can listen to whatever you want!

While we wish those cool-looking side pipes were helping a big block to breathe easier, we have plenty of love for the small block V8. In this car, it makes for a perfect summer cruiser. In our opinion, 300 horsepower in a car like this is plenty enough to have fun with.

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