Supercharged C6 Corvette Challenges Turbocharged Camaro

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It’s an age-old battle among the bow tie crowd. Which is faster, a Camaro or a Corvette? The light weight and suspension tuning of the ‘Vette certainly has made it a much better track car, but the cheap price of entry has left many Camaro owners with extra cash for upgrades, and they have created some of the meanest drag strip demons in the world.

In this latest BigKleib34 video, we revisit this ancient battle as a fourth-gen Camaro lines up against a C6 Corvette. Neither of these machines is stock, with the Corvette rocking a nice big supercharger and the Camaro making use of the witchcraft that is turbocharging.

Sadly, there appears to be an issue with the timing boards, so we don’t get to see just how fast they made it down the strip. That said, we do get told who won the battle, and a second car mounted cam provides pretty irrefutable proof that one of these two cars was well ahead of the other when they crossed the line.

Of course I am not going to spoil it for you. You have to watch it for yourself.

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