Gorgeous C6 Grand Sport for Sale Packs Monster 921 WHP LSX Engine

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Supercharged C6 Corvette Grand Sport looks clean enough to win most car shows, is fast enough to win most races.

Some people like powerful cars that can tear up the drag strip, or race track. Others like shiny cars, ready for a weekend cruise, or maybe the local Cars and Coffee. Then there are people who want all of the above.

One of those people is Corvette Forum member FastFRC who has listed their car for sale in the forums. Our seller has a pretty concise build sheet and description for their ride, so we will let them take it from here:

C6 Corvette Grand Sport Supercharged for Sale

Testing waters. Thinking of selling or trading my 2012 Grandsport, 2LT, 37k miles, clean title in hand for a C7Z or GTR. This car has been built with power and reliability in mind with very good parts. This car has ran a 9 on 91 octane. Can be daily driven anywhere. The driveability manners are perfect. Everything works perfectly. The car has been detailed and ceramic coated recently.


Build is as follows:

LS3 block
King XP bearings
Shortblock built by Horsepower by Gerolomy in Sacramento, Ca. Balanced and honed
OEM Forged crankshaft
ARP Mainstuds
Molnar Technologies turbo series forged rods ARP 2000 rod bolts
CP Carillo forged pistons with upgraded ,200 wall wrist pins
Cam Motion 8620 Custom blower cam
New LS7 lifters
LS9 Headgaskets
Texas Speed pushrods
Brian Tooley Springs
Texas Speed 1 7/8 Longtubes with off road 3″ mid pipe and OEM NPP catback with Mild 2 Wild

Supercharger setup
ECS Novi 2200HD
A/A intercooler
8 rib Direct drive and flip kit
Innovators West 10% OD balancer
Wastegated on spring & 14psi

FIC 1300 injectors
Modified ECS stage 1 aux fuel system with -10 feed and Holley Domiator twin 340s. Methlogic twin adjustable boost switches on billet manifold.
DSX flex fuel
Alky Control dual nozzle meth

McLeod RXT twin disc
Billet flywheel
ECS transbrace
New OEM clutch master
Tick speed bleeder

Custom finished Forgestar CS5V 19’s
Mickey Thompson SS drag radials
New TPMS sensors

C6 Corvette Grand Sport Supercharged for Sale

Innovative wideband / boost gauge
MGW shifter

It’s a comprehensive build, that needs nothing other than a new owner ready to drive the wheels off it. So, what are you waiting for?

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