Supercharged Yenko Corvette for Sale Packs Big Cube LT1 V8 Power

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Yenko Stage 1 Corvette

The Yenko name lives on in this 835-horsepower monster of a Corvette.

For fans of Corvettes and other hot Chevrolets of the muscle car era, perhaps no name is more well-regarded than Don Yenko. Famous for putting big-cube power into small-frame cars, Yenko Chevrolet in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania built some of the fastest – and most valuable – muscle cars of all time.

Although the dealership is long gone, the name lives on thanks to New Jersey’s Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE). SVE builds high-powered versions of Corvettes and Camaros that are more than deserving of the vaunted Yenko name.

Yenko Stage 1 Corvette

This 2019 Corvette, offered for sale at Dyer Chevrolet in Vero Beach, Florida, was transformed into a Yenko Stage 1 by SVE. The heart of the Yenko transformation is a custom-built, 416 cubic inch LT1 V8.

SVE stuffs the aluminum block with a forged crankshaft, forged pistons, and H-beam connecting rods. That beefy bottom end forms a solid foundation for the supercharger. Along with high flow heads, an upgraded fuel system, and a custom tune, the Yenko Stage 1 Corvette is good for a whopping 835 horsepower.

Yenko Stage 1 Corvette

The trademark Yenko badging is present throughout, including the engine bay and interior. With 835 supercharged horsepower on tap, you’ll be certain to make a statement on the streets. There’s enough Yenko callouts on this car to make sure that everyone knows your name.


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SVE adds to the package with a numbered plaque and a leather-bound portfolio. Both of which will certainly add to this car’s status as a future collectible. This particular car is #4 of a build of just 25. That means that you’re fairly unlikely to park next to yourself at the next cruise-in.

Yenko Stage 1 Corvette

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Yenko conversion is the warranty. SVE stands behind their car with a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty. That’s some added peace of mind for the owners who intend to use every one of the 835 horses on tap.

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