Kentucky Man Surprised With C6 Corvette On Father’s Day: Throwback

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We’ve found a winner for the “Best Kids Ever” award!

For Randy Head of Owensboro, KY, this year’s Father’s Day is one he’ll never forget. In a video posted by the National Corvette Museum, we see Randy being escorted to a garage. Once he sees what’s in there, he can hardly believe it. His kids surprised him with a 2006 black Corvette, complete with the red bow on top.

Dad Surprised by Corvette For Fathers Day

As he’s walking around the vehicle, he can’t even form complete sentences. He goes through all the phases of pure astonishment. At first, he asks if it’s real. Clearly it is. Then he asks where they got the vehicle. A person in the video jokingly says they got the car off a guy in the alley. Then of course, he asks how they got it. That’s when another person says they won the “car lottery.”

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Perhaps the best moment, and the one that will probably be etched in their memories for years to come, is when he finally is processing what the vehicle in front of him is and says, “Holy shit!”

Immediately after, realizing there was a toddler in front of him, he apologizes, but the sentiment rings true.

We see it all the time in commercials, where people get surprised with vehicles. It’s a huge event that very few of us will ever experience. For Randy Head, he didn’t just get a new family vehicle. No, his awesome kids gave him the best toy ever — a Corvette.

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