Sweet C5 Corvette Z06 Coupe for Sale

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2001 c5 corvette

With all the incredible machines out there wearing the Corvette badge these days, there is a lot of tug at your wallet. The C6 cars are insanely good, the new C7s are bonkers fast and have great interiors, and then there are the classics, all down the range, including the C3 that looks better than anything on the road. Well, what if you want a car that has the bigger and sleeker style of something like a C5, but you really want the power of a C6, and you can’t afford to pay an arm and a leg?

If this sounds like you, I am pleased to say that once again our amazing Corvette Forum members are here to help. User Kyle Arnold has just dropped his 2001 Z06 Coupe onto the wild world of eBay. It’s red with black interior, has the six-speed manual transmission, and the whole shebang has under 35,000 miles. The best part is he only wants $21k for it! So you can have the coolest body style C5 ever created, with 400 horsepower of angry American V8, and it will cost you less than a nice new Honda Civic.

The auction ends today though, so if you want to go the eBay route, you better get over there and start bidding. Otherwise, just hit up Mr. Kyle Arnold in the Forums and I am sure you fine folks can work something out.

Oh, and Mr. Arnold, if you decide that you would just love to give that car to a wonderful new home, I know a great young writer for this really cool Corvette site that would love to have it. He can pay you in compliments and high-fives if you would prefer.

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