Taco Bell Employees Teased With Tantalizing Corvette Bargains

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The 2018 Chevrolet Corvette won't be around for long.

Is giving your poorest employees a discount on Corvettes a benefit or disguised cruelty?

A few weeks ago we found a story about how Taco Bell employees get GM Supplier Pricing as part of their company benefits. Considering GM wasn’t offering any special incentives on machines like the Corvette Grand Sport, it put the Taco Bell staffers in an interesting position. By sheer virtue of wrapping burritos for a few hours a day, you could save more than $4,000 on a new Corvette.

Corvette Grand Sport

But now things just got even more interesting.

Right now GM is running a crazy promotion to move some cars, and the current Z06 Corvette is being offered with a $9,100 discount. With the new 2019 cars starting production in January, Chevy has a lot of old Corvette stock it needs to move, and it needs to do it quickly. If you can couple the Taco Bell price cut, you could potentially snag a discount of around 15-percent for a 650-horsepower sports car.

Of course, considering the vast majority of Taco Bell workers are probably raking in minimum wage, it would take a large handful of years to even come close to buying a new Z06 or Grand Sport. So why did this discount even get written into the books? Was there one high-level manager who really wanted a Corvette and just couldn’t make it happen? Or is there some sinister executive out there laughing about dangling a tasty carrot in front of a starving horse?


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Regardless of why this discount exists, this could be a chance for proper normal buyers to get a discount. With the holiday season in full swing, we wouldn’t be surprised if the fast food chain was looking to bolster its employee roster. Drop off an application, spend a few days learning the proper technique for slathering fake cheese across stale chips, and then walk out of your local Chevy dealer with a new Corvette and a few thousand dollars left in your pocket. Then you can just hand in your dirty apron and drive home in a cloud of V8 noise and tire smoke.

Just be kind and don’t come back to flaunt your new toy in front of your now-former coworkers. Those folks have it bad enough as it is.

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