Tadge Juechter Answers Questions About the 2015 Corvette Z06

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corvette 2015 z06

Update 1/16/2015: Corvette Forum just did a huge Q&A with Tadge Juechter. Click here to read it.

It’s hard enough being a guy named Tadge without having an army of Internet jerks giving you crap, but today, the first day of Detroit’s North American International Auto Show, Corvette’s Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter braved the obligatory trolling to participate in Jalopnik’s version of “Ask Me Anything.” And what a day it was.

It’s a wonder any serious information came from the experiment at all, considering how many trolls there are in this cyber world of ours, but after some careful weeding, hearty members of Corvette Forum gleaned most of the useful bits into quite an informative thread, which you can view in its entirety here.

Some of the highlights include Tadge’s insights about skeptics who believe the Z06 is being beaten by the ZR1, how Tadge would spec his own Z06, and whether or not there’s any truth to the new ZR1 rumors.

Oh, and unfortunately, we have to admit that one of the highlights came from one of the trolls…

tadge juechter

Because there’s so much more information inside Tadge’s head, stay tuned for our full One-on-One with Juechter from Marcus Amick’s conversation with him recently. Juechter talks about everything from all the time spent making sure the car was done right, to finding out exactly what happened to the Corvette Forum┬ámember’s engine blowing.

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