Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter Says Corvette Z06 Feels Sluggish

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Corvette ZR1

Are his comments offensive to customers who already own a Z06, a valid opinion, or a means to promote the new ZR1?

When the ZR1 launched in Dubai this weekend, Corvette’s Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter said “After driving this around for a while the Z06 feels really sluggish.” Some eyebrows were raised, and some interesting questions were raised. This comment rubbed Corvette Forum member Oh_Boy the wrong way, and he headed to the forums where he was compelled to post “Why can’t he just let people enjoy what they have. Does he always have to do this? It’s childish, immature and shows no respect for the people that bought his previous product.” As you can imagine, a lively discussion followed.

2019 ZR1.

It is in Chevrolet’s best interest to build a ZR1 that is faster and more expensive than the Z06, especially as the C7 generation is on its way out. But could Tadge have been more delicate about it?

On the one hand, Juechter probably has a desire to let prospective buyers know that this new ZR1 is the top of the pile. If you buy this Corvette, you’ll own a unique experience that cannot be replicated by any other Corvette. With a significant bump in power and downforce in comparison to the Z06, we shouldn’t be surprised that this car feels much faster around a track than its little brother.

On the other hand, Z06 owners have unloaded a hefty chunk of money to purchase one, and they’re likely intensely proud of their cars. Until Sunday, their Corvette was the top dog in Chevrolet’s sports car lineup. Somewhat like a young child no longer being the youngest when their baby brother or sister is born, you can expect some blowback from those who feel they have been replaced. It’s possible that some Z06 owners will make the jump to ZR1 ownership, but surely not all of them. What then? What are they to do?

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