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1978 Corvette Pace Car Has 128 Miles and Huge Price Tag

Corvette Pace Car

One of the nicest ’78 Corvette Pace Cars in existence also commands a pretty impressive price at auction.

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Greedy Thief Steals C3 Corvette…then Steals Gas

C3 Corvette

If you’re going to steal a car, it’s probably not a good idea to draw more attention to yourself with yet another crime!

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Corvette Forum Member Welcomes Iconic New Stablemate

Bob’s garage was already looking pretty good with a solid one-two punch of a ’78 Pace Car and a ’14 Stingray. Things got even better, though, when he added an iconic black and gold Trans Am.

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1978 Corvette Pace Car with 4.4 Miles to be Auctioned in September

Just when you might be thinking that all the old “barn finds” have surely been discovered by now, you hear about someone like the Lambrechts. Ray and Mildred Lambrecht have been running Lambrecht Chevrolet in Pierce, Nebraska for the past 50 years – with just one other employee – but since they’re getting on up

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Man Loses Three Corvettes in Garage Fire

Marcus Slater Corvette Forum Break out the tissues for this one.  A man in Staunton Illinois lost, three Corvettes and several other vehicles on a fire last tuesday. The stroke of bad luck destroyed a white ’91, a burgundy ’78, and his baby, a ’66 Sting Ray. The cars weren’t the only thing to go […] More »

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