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Wrecked Corvette Z06 Expensive to Repair, Worth the Effort

2017 Corvette Z06

Sometimes the hardest part about repairing a broken Corvette is the cost.

  Comments | By - August 15, 2018

Corvette Z06 Build Fanatics Hit the Junkyard

2017 Corvette Z06

Hard-to-find OEM Corvette pieces are sometimes best sourced from an unlikely venue.

  Comments | By - August 14, 2018

Smashed Corvette Z06 Gets Fresh Pair of Wheelhouse Panels

2017 Corvette Z06

Finishing what someone else started, YouTubers replace wheelhouse panels of smashed Corvette Z06 with a new pair.

  Comments | By - August 9, 2018

Smashed Corvette Z06 Undergoes DIY Frame Repair

2017 Corvette Z06

With a little ingenuity and a lot of patience, even you can repair the frame of a Corvette Z06 at home.

  Comments | By - August 8, 2018

Smashed Corvette Z06 to See Second Life in Epic Rebuild

2017 Corvette Z06

Rescuing 2017 Corvette Z06 from the wrecking yard, these guys are prepared for the rebuild.

  Comments | By - August 7, 2018