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How To Change the Fuel Filter in a Late Model C4

This is not MY tech tip in any way. This is something that I stumbled across on the corvetteforum, and thought it would be useful here. Simply click on the links. Change your fuel filter, page 1. Change your fuel filter, page 1. Thanks to, lord vette, for the original post! -Sheppe Pharis (aka 92BAV)

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Installing a Custom Eprom

The engine in my 93 is basically stock, and I do not foresee my going into the motor in the near future. The main reason I wanted to change the Eprom was to lower the temperature at which the cooling fans turned on, I did not like the factory setting of 226�, and to raise […] More »

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Plenum Studs

Recently I had to remove the air cleaner plenum for the first time. Unfortunately, when I tried to spin the plastic thumbscrews holding the plenum, they simply spun and did not release the plenum. Having never removed the plenum before I didn’t know how it was attached to the radiator shroud below it. I consulted […] More »

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Throttle Body Cleaning 101

Throttle Body maintenance 101: READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS ENTIRELY BEFORE STARTING THIS PROJECT! (YOU WILL NEED A DIGITAL MULTIMETER IF YOU TAKE THE TPS OFF! DON’T ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE TPS IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE, IT IS MANDATORY!) You should also buy the gasket kit from GM that includes the 4 gaskets and costs about […] More »

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1 to 4 Shift Lock-Out Relay

For those of you experiencing difficulty with the 1 to 4 shift lock-out, or for those of you who wish to experience shifting through all your six gears, here is a simple fix: on the passenger side, just in front of the fire wall, and mounted on the fender well, is a relay, that when […] More »

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