Tail Lights – Keep Water/Dirt Out of Edges

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This tech tip is for those of you who, like me, are sick of having water,
dirt, dust, etc. accumulate around the edges of our C5\’s tail lights.
After trying a few things, I found that a silicone rubber door gasket did
the trick.
The product is made by \”M-D Building Products\” and
called \”Tear Drop Profile Ultra Weatherseal: Silicone Rubber Door Gasket
– 1/4\” Thick by 1/2\” Wide and 20\” Long.\” I found this stuff at
Lowe\’s for about $15-20 bucks. It has a self-adhisive backing that
keeps it stuck to the tail lights.
It does a great job in keeping
dirt, water, dust, grass, etc. from getting in between the tail lights and
the rear bumper. It looks very clean and professional and as if factory

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