Free Laps at NCM Motorsports Park When You Pick Up Your Corvette

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NCM Motorsports Park

There’s no better way to celebrate delivery day than by riding on the racetrack.

It’s the first thing you want to do with your brand new Corvette. But it’s the last thing you should do. Once your Corvette is delivered, it’s awfully tempting to take it out on the road and really push its limits. The desire to see how fast you can go around corners and push the engine to the max is irresistible. Unfortunately, there’s some breaking-in that needs to happen before you can do such things. Well, until now.

The National Corvette Museum now offers the R8C Museum Delivery package for those willing to go to the NCM to pick up their new Corvette. For $990, not only do you get all the bells and whistles that come with the package. You’re also given “complimentary touring laps” in one of their Corvettes at the NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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Sure, you don’t get to take your Corvette onto the track, but at least you’ll feel what it’ll be like after you break yours in. For those who want to really feel the speed and overall performance that these incredible vehicles put out, this is a no-brainer. It’s a steal at twice the price!

If the touring laps don’t get you excited for this package, there are plenty of other benefits too. You get a private, guided tour of the NCM, where you’ll see your own Corvette on display. Then there’s a personalized orientation with a “thorough delivery presentation” of your new vehicle. You get a few odds and ends that you can decorate your car with, and even a plaque for your home. But the real clincher here is that NCM Motorsports Park experience!

No matter if it’s your first Corvette or your tenth, delivery day is something special. If you have the means, the best way to mark the occasion is to take the NCM up on this awesome package.

Charles Dean is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Rennlist, among other auto sites.

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