2018 Corvette Grand Sport Meets Tall Guy Car Reviews

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Sports cars aren’t known for being friendly to the vertically gifted. Is the Corvette an exception?

Tall people have it the worst. No matter what is tried, a car can only be so big, have enough leg room, or, have enough room for your noggin. Naturally, when Corey Barrett from Tall Guy Car Reviews was looking for a V8 coupe, it was easy to overlook the Corvette. Or so he thought, at least. He had shopped a Jaguar F-type, but ultimately settled on a Hellcat. Now that he’s got his hands on a Grand Sport, he has a chance to see if it will fit his 6’10” frame.

Amazingly, he fits well, and throughout the video you can see Barrett start to fall in love with it. His epiphany moment comes when he realizes how comfortable it actually is, saying, “I would buy this over the F-Type. My leg room is crazy good, my head room is cool. You wouldn’t think someone 6’10, 230 pounds would be able to fit like this!” But more than that the Corvette means something else for a self-made, hard-working type of person like Barrett. Sure, you might see the Corvette Grand Sport as payoff for a job well done, but behind the scenes, there’s a disciplined grind that goes into building one’s wealth. Plus, as a youngster, seeing a Corvette was just as exciting as any other exotic car, saying “it’s America’s Lamborghini.”

Tall Guy Corvette Grand Sport review

What about the Z06 then? Well, that’s summed up by one simple statement “You don’t really ever use all the horsepower in a Hellcat.” That’s Barrett’s justification for going with the Grand Sport. The power levels from the naturally-aspirated engine are more than enough anyway, and for someone who doesn’t really care to take it to a drag strip or a track day, the Grand Sport is just right.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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