Tan C3 Corvette is a Rather Well Preserved and Unique Find

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C3 Corvette

It isn’t every day you see a low-mile, original, tan C3 Corvette. And this one even has a cool history, to boot.

The world of Corvette color choices has remained vast over the decades. And even though we’re armed with more knowledge today than ever before, it’s still sometimes hard to tell just how rare a particular color is or isn’t. Take this C3 Corvette that we spotted on eBay, for example. Covered in a rarely-seen tan hue, the seller refers to it as “buckskin.” But there’s much more to the story than that.

According to the listing, the original owner “had a special buckskin color painted on the car at the dealership.” Which could mean a number of things. Was this C3 Corvette ordered in primer and then painted this special hue? Or was it a full-on dealer respray? Further complicating matters, the color just looks to be “Corvette Tan,” while the interior is likely the “Buckskin” option offered in ’77.

C3 Corvette

Regardless of those logistics, it’s easy to appreciate this C3 Corvette for what it really is. And that’s an incredibly clean, low-mile score. Credit that to the fact that the original owner reportedly bought it new for his wife, who drove it until she passed in 1984. After that, with only 27,500 miles, the ‘Vette sat parked in the garage for three decades.

Because of that, the unique paint and interior are in pretty excellent shape, save for some dirty carpet. The seller also claims that the original 350 fires right up with no problem. And everything else reportedly works perfectly, including the air conditioning. With an automatic transmission, you won’t exactly be lighting up those original tires, but it’s a super clean survivor nonetheless.

With a winning big of less than $10k, it’s also a pretty nice bargain. Plastic bumper C3 Corvettes might never be worth the same kind of money as their older brethren. But they don’t get much cooler than this old tan ride.

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