Taste Test: Harlan Charles’ Debatable Grand Sport Color Scheme

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Harlan Charles doesn’t need your approval. He is the Corvette Project Manager, and he’s going to do whatever he pleases with his cars. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t critique and discuss the look of his new 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport.

Mr. Charles picked up a Grand Sport optioned with a color scheme that matches the jersey for what’s likely his favorite football club. White car, navy top, navy center stripe, yellow hashes, and yellow caliper. He’s even got the Adidas three stripes matching, as well. The people discussing the car on the forums aren’t exactly into the look.

“That thing is ugly as all hell…” – BoostMonkey

“This is the first time I will say this and hopefully the last, that is an UGLY factory delivered C7.” – TheMonk

“So, if one were to remove the yellow hash marks and calipers?” – LIE2ME

“That’s why we have all kinds of options available for the C7. This combination would not be my choice but as long as Harlan likes it, it’s all good – C7-Beast

What do you guys think?

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