#TBT Retro Review of the Callaway Supernatural Corvette

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Let’s take a Throwback Thursday jaunt down memory lane with MotorWeek, shall we? It is time for another “Retro Review,” and this week we get to look at one of my favorite obscure cars of all time, the Callaway Supernatural. After years of forced induction Corvettes, this is Callaway’s attempt to boost a naturally aspirated motor, and the results were awesome. Starting with a stock LT1 block, they managed to bump power to more than 400 horses.

Of course this is still a car from the early ’90s, and Callaway gave it the ugliest and most obnoxious purple interior that the world has ever seen. You will think your monitor color is broken. Still, like all things that MotorWeek used to do, this video is full of great action shots, a smoothly delivered voiceover, and a baker’s dozen more puns than you’d expect to hear in six minutes.

If you enjoy seeing some of the cooler and rarer cars from Corvette’s history, like I do, just hit that play button. You won’t regret this blast from the past.

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