#TBT: Jalopnik Considered a C4 Corvette ZR-1 Necessary for Their “Fantasy Garage”

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There once was a time way back in Jalopnik history where they had a “Fantasy Garage.” Essentially a collection of their favorite cars in a money-is-no-object type of world. Naturally, most of us would gravitate towards Europe — classics made out of achingly beautiful swooping curves and the new exotics chiseled out of sharp edges of carbon fiber. Indeed, up until this article from way back in 2007, Jalopnik didn’t have any American cars on their lot. So what finally had them so convinced that the C4 ZR-1 was the American car to have?

A number of factors contributed to it. After all, the ZR-1 was the result of an odd marriage. General Motors played their part, but engine design was helped with input from Lotus, and assembly of the engine from Mercury Marine. It also stands as the only OHC engine ever fitted to a Corvette. Some may point out that it still has leaf springs, but they are transverse, made of composites, and also act as a sway bar by their inherent design. If Porsche can stick to a design even though it’s “wrong,” Corvette can do the same. Unconventional springs proved to be a combination greater than the sum of its parts, with top speeds and handling that eclipsed and humbled much higher priced cars of the time.

So, what would be in your fantasy garage?

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