TBT: Tiff Needell Takes C6 Corvette Z06 Through the Paces

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tiff needell z06

Tiff Needell is about as classically vintage as car reviewers get. And yet, he still remains one of the most respected auto journalists in the game.

Couple all that with an old video clip of Needell test driving a C6 Z06, and it sets the stage for a classic Throwback Thursday post here at Corvette Forum.

The four-minute review opens with the British race car driver rattling off a few bits on the Z06, like the car’s hand-built 7-liter V8 engine, the magnesium roof, and the ‘Vette’s Balsa wood floor.

As you’d expect, Needell rips it for its lackluster interior when compared to German competitors. But he’s clearly impressed with the Z06’s overall performance capabilities.

His best line in the clip? “To the naked eye, the only thing that tells you this car is special is the four missile silos in the back… and the smoke,” which Needell certainly gives us a fair share of while taking the Z06 through the paces.

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