Team Hollander Corvette Off to a Great Show Season

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Missouri couple’s Corvette collection has already earned a number of car show awards in just two months.

Our guess is that some people here at Corvette Forum probably either know or have heard of Gary and Nancy Hollander.

Why? Well, as we recently discovered in a Lake News Online report, the Hollanders have built quite a rep when it comes to Corvettes. So much so, they’ve earned them the name Team Hollander Corvettes. And yet, there’s not a lot of information out there on the couple.

Then again, it could be a lack of serious investigative Googling skills on our part, considering that there have been Corvettes stories that have slipped past us before. However, the one thing that seems perfectly clear from the Lake News report is that the Hollanders have raked up a lot of awards for their prized collection of sport cars bearing the iconic American nameplate.

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Apparently, the two are also the founders of the Linn Creek Corvette Association, a group based in Linn Creek, Missouri. And though, it’s tough to get a grasp of exactly how many Corvettes the Hollanders own, the list of awards they’ve already won this year gives us some indication of their personal taste when it comes to Corvettes.

Take for, example, the 25th Enid Oklahoma Corvette Expo, where they won a Class Award and Long Distance Award for their 2015 Daytona Sunrise Orange Z07 Coupe. Then, there’s the Hollander’s 2016 Spice Red Edition Z06 Coupe that won Best Z06 All Generations and Best in Show at the Ottawa Kansas Corvette Show.

So far, the Hollanders have already won eight awards with their Corvettes in April and May, which is pretty impressive, whether you know them or not.

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