Texas State Troopers Let Hennessey C7 Corvette Play on a Toll Road

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Hennessey C7 Corvette Stingray on Texas Toll Road

You can add the following Instagram video to the list of reasons why I love Hennessey.

Recently, the Texas tuner ran a Cadillac at 220 mph on Texas State Highway 130, and the video below shows a Hennessey Corvette running very high speeds along what appears to be the same tollway.

We have no official numbers for how fast the Corvette went, but the eyeball radar says it was more than 200 mph.

Check out the “Instavideo” below to make your best approximation.

Fun fact from Wikipedia: “The 41-mile section of the [SH 130] toll road between Mustang Ridge and Seguin has a posted speed limit of 85 mph, the highest posted speed limit in the United States.”

via [Hennessey Performance on Instagram and Jalopnik]

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