The 2011 Z06 Carbon Edition: One Sweet Ride

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11-carbon-front.jpgIn celebration of Corvette’s 50th year, General Motors launched the 2011 Z06 Carbon Edition Corvette. Since this model also commemorates Corvette’s contributions to the Le Mans racing, dealer-installed racing numbers mounted on the vehicle are also available. Only 500 2011 Z06 Carbon Edition Corvettes were made.

505 Horsepower

The 2011 Z06 Carbon Edition is available in only two colors: Inferno Orange Metallic and Supersonic Blue Metallic. The word ?Carbon? is written on the side doors. Included are Magnetic Selective Ride Control, New England Emissions Certification and Navigation Radio. The Carbon Edition options adds an additional $15,705 to the already steep sticker price (between $90,960 and $98,130, depending upon which version you chose.) But hey, you pay for what you get, right?

Even though the car can reach 198 miles per hour and go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds, the car attains a 24 miles per gallon EPA-estimated highway rating. The LS7 7.0 liter V-8 small-block engine turns out 505 horsepower at 7,000 revolutions per minute. To Its Racing Roots

True to its racing roots, and in order to maintain stability, the Carbon Edition has 20-spoke 19-inch front wheels with 20-inch rear black wheels with Michelin PS2 tires. A carbon fiber raised trademark tear drop roof, racing pedals, cooling system and a ZR-1 style body color spoiler add to the ?racing? styling. (The ZR-1 is Corvette’s fastest, most advanced and most expensive car in its line up.)

11-carbon-tire.jpgIn addition, the Carbon Edition has borrowed some of the ZR-1’s other features: carbon-ceramic brakes, carbon-fiber ZR-1 front splitter, adjustable dampers, black headlamps and mirrors, driver-adjustable magnetorheological shocks, diffuser, carbon-fiber hood and side rockers. Since the Carbon Edition is lighter, it is estimated that the Carbon Edition would only be two seconds behind the ZR-1 (with 638 horsepower) at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca track in California.

The interior features leather upholstery and seude steering wheel, seat inserts, interior doors side panels, shifter, and armrest. There are also unique sill plates, a steering wheel emblem and logoed headrests. Since only 500 2011 Z06 Carbon Edition Corvettes are available, the company is offering its main features, such as the brakes, cooling upgrades, tires, wheels, and adjustable dampers, as options for other versions of the Corvette.

11carbon-interior.jpgExceptional Cornering

The 2011 Z06 Carbon Edition transmission is actually near the rear axle instead of below the engine, since the car is too low to allow the transmission to be located there. However, there is even a better reason for the location of the transmission: balance and even weight distribution. If the transmission were over the front axles with the engine, the car would be front heavy and would be unstable for tight cornering. By moving the transmission over the rear axle, it balances the weight of the engine over the front axle. This allows for tight cornering. In fact, the cornering is so tight that the Corvette can produce over 1 g force. Due to this fact, Corvettes have a dry sump oil system in which the oil is pumped into the engine in such a way that it cannot slosh to one side within the engine as it is cornering due to the g forces. Instead the oil continues to lubricate the moving parts as though the car is standing still.

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