2018 Corvette Has a Few Extra Surprises

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2018 Corvette Info Card

They may be small surprises, but these neat, new quick-reference guides and maintenance stickers will delight the nerdiest among the Corvette-faithful.

One of our Canadian members has ordered a 2018 Corvette, and has shared with us some new-for-2018 surprises on his new ride. While they might not be earth-shattering revelations, they are still somewhat interesting.

Under the hood, a Mobil 1 oil cap – previously only on the Z06 models – is now on the ’18. Be aware that the verdict is still out whether this is for dry sump only cars, or if it fits wet sump models as well. You also get a neat sticker that you can put in your engine bay if you feel that it’s important to have your car serviced only by Mobil 1 products.

2018 Corvette Engine

Additionally, some info has moved from the owner’s manual onto some quick-reference cards. Namely, front tire “chatter” at low-speed turns. Caused by wide tires and a specific alignment setup, the front wheels can “jump” and “chatter” when the steering wheel is at full-lock. That advisory is now on a card that is attached to the shifter.

For the driver, HD radio is now a standard feature on all models of 2018 Corvette. We understand these aren’t stop-the-press kinds of surprises, but we still felt it was important to share. Maybe you’ll find something on your new 2018 Corvette that you never expected!

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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