The Base C7 Won’t Get a Turbo V6

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The Base C7 Won't Get a Turbo V6
The Base C7 Won’t Get a Turbo V6

Despite the fact that the Corvette debuted with the Blue Flame straight-six engine, the V6 rumor has perhaps been the most terrifying for enthusiasts. Because for most of its life, the Corvette has been synonymous with a big V8. At this point, it’s safe to say a V6 is not going to happen. However, the auto press has still been going back and forth about exactly what will power the General’s next halo car. Back in May, the Detroit Bureau reported that: “GM has approved the use of a very European-style V8 that will be only slightly larger than 3 liters in displacement.” and that it will “be of an overhead-cam, rather than traditional overhead-valve design.” But in Mike Connor’s great piece from last month’s Motor Trend he argues GM is too broke to develop an all-new mill, and says that still seems like a “long shot.” So who’s right? Given that folks who saw the test mule described the exhaust note as “Ferrari-like,” my money is that we’ll see an all-new mill.

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