The C7 Interior Will be World-Class

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The C7 Interior is Going to be World-Class
The C7 Interior Will be World-Class

Even among its die-hard fans, the Corvette’s interior has always been a point of contention. Because while the current car can run with high-end Italian exotics at the track, interior materials and build quality have seemingly languished in the malaise era. But GM is a very different company now than it was upon the C6’s launch’see the cabins of the CTS or the Malibu?and the new interior will showcase how much has changed quality-wise. There have already been several articles worth of discussion on the Forum about what members would like to see, and while plenty were referencing Ferrari, it’s clear a carbon copy of Maranello’s handiwork wouldn’t be welcome. As Guibo put it: “The599 GTB’s center stack looks like a gorilla with broken teeth, or one of those sand people from Star Wars.” Personally, I’d like to see something in the spirit of this Caravaggio custom job above. That has world-class written all over it.

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