The C7 Won’t Be a Mid-Engine

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The C7 Won't Be a Mid-Engine
The C7 Won’t Be a Mid-Engine

There have been rumors of a mid-engine Corvette since at least the late ’60s, but while some truly stunning concepts have been created around the premise, production models have always stuck to the front engine layout. Undeniably, some of this has to do with tradition. Because while nobody inside the General’s design department wants the exterior evolution of America’s Sports Car to be stuck in the past, a model as steeped in history as the Corvette simply has to respect it’s heritage. So unsurprisingly, the mules spotted testing the new drivetrain have been wearing the guise of a Cyber Gray Grand Sport Coupe, which would be impossible if such a radical change in platform architecture was coming.The new ‘Vette will be front engine/rear-wheel drive. Guaranteed.

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