Callaway GT3-R Corvette Is More German-Engineered Than You Think

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If you were unaware, the Chevrolet Corvette GT3-R racer isn’t as pure-blood, soil-eating, firework-lighting American as you think. In actuality, it has quite a bit of Europa, Germany in particular, all up in it. The Callaway name should give that away.

Chevy launched the GT3-R this year in Hockenheimring, home of the German Grand Prix, at the ADAC GT Masters series. It was done in Germany, because that’s where Woehr & Ciccone first opened operations in 1985. In 1988, they took over Callaway distribution in Europe. Callaway Competition, the racing-specific department, was established in 1994. That team has been working on the GT3-R, designed with Canadian designer Paul Deutschman, for two years, and the final product is insane.

Much of the testing and development, as shown in this video, was also done at Hockenheimring. Here, Callaway shows the team pushing to see just how far the car can go with its 600-horsepower V8. From there, they refine the engine tuning and suspension and steering setup, as well as work on aero and cooling. The interior perspective is worth it alone.

Check it out, then let us know what you think.

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