The Force Is Strong With These ‘Star Wars’ Themed Corvette Photos

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In a week where practically everything has gone to the Star Wars side, it only seems fitting that we celebrate the ties between the iconic American sportscar and the iconic American movie franchise.

Our friends at Corvette Blogger have done just that by pulling together a photo gallery featuring a bunch of Corvette themed Star Wars photos, everything from a pic of Darth Vader sitting atop a Corvette in a Christmas parade to a Stormtropper patrolling the streets in a classic ‘Vette.

The latest installment in the franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will likely inspire a few more Star ‘Vettes photos in the weeks to come. But for now, we’ll just leave you with 11 of our favorite pics from the Corvette Blogger collection to help celebrate the return of the film.

But by all means, if you’re inspired to create some new Corvette/Star Wars memories yourself, be sure to share the photos here.

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Via [Corvette Blogger]

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